NovuQnA's features

When creating a knowledge base we provide features essential for the manageability and integration of the knowledge base.

No code experience

Create a bot in your favorite chat application or publish a FAQ on your website without writing a single line of code. You can also add personality to your bot using pre-built chit-chat datasets.

Sales opportunities

Convert a seeking user to a customer. Navigate users to a specific product to solve a question and convert them into paying customers.

Multi-turn conversations

Create multi-turn conversations easily through the NovuQnA portal. This way, more challenging questions can be answered.

Active Learning

Improve the quality of the answers through suggestions based on the bot's usage, user feedback or human operator interventions in case a user isn’t satisfied with an answer.

Automatic extraction

Extract question-answer pairs from semi-structured content, including FAQ pages, support websites, Excel, Word and Pdf documents, product manuals and policies.

Chat in more than 50 languages

NovuQnA question answering is available in more than 50 languages and chit-chat is available in 9 major languages.