Create a self-learning knowledge base

Information-seeking users ask the knowledge base questions. The knowledge base responds to these questions and learns from the process. Integrate your knowledge base in, for example:

  • A chatbot
  • An FAQ webpage
  • A voicebot

What is a knowledge base in NovuQnA?

Knowledge bases, essentially, are collections of questions and answers. NovuQnA contains special and unique features to make sure the questions don't go stale, and are updated with the least amount of effort.

Determining the audience

It's important to find the right scope for the users, ie. employees, customers, website visitors, students etc. Each of these audiences require a different kind of response. With NovuQnA it is possible to serve them all from one knowledge base.

Creating a knowledge base

Set up your knowledge base in no-time using the NovuQnA Portal. Easily import or create your own data. You do not need to have a complete knowledge base at the end of this step. In step 4 we'll explain what happens if your users ask NovuQnA a question it doesn't know an answer to.

Integrating the knowledge base

Now that you have created a knowledge base, it can be used by your audience. Transform it into a NovuQnA chat bot or use it as a FAQ web widget.

Reviewing data

Sometimes, your audience may ask a question that doesn't have an answer. Yet.. These events are handled by the NovuQnA services. Users may also rate the answers they receive. This information is available in the NovuQnA portal and will help you decide when it's time to take action. You can delete, edit or link an answer and improve your knowledge base.

Saving valuable time

The more the knowledge base is used, the smarter it will get. Saving your users time they would have otherwise spent searching around for information. Studies have shown that a tool like this can save a significant amount of time. If you can save just 10 minutes a day answering repeated questions, it will save you 60 hours a year. What are you going to do with that extra time?